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i would be fucking pissed. thats hundreds of dollars

This really pisses me off. One, like the previous comment, that’s hundreds of dollars just shredded right there. Secondly, the kid is autistic (I can easily tell, my mother is a psychologist and I’m also autistic) and the father just took away something mentally stimulating to him that could very well give him a good job (if something is pretty stimulating to someone with autism, they tend to be very good at it like the kid said).

This is horrifying. Absolutely horrifying. They are LAUGHING at him. He’s only been out of school for three months and they do this. The kid here even said they were worth hundreds of dollars and that they were extremely valuable, yet the father just runs them over after taunting him to save some of the games while at the same time revving up the engine as a threat whenever he attempts it. This kid wasn’t even that ill mannered. The worst he said in the entire video was fuck. 
God between the actual event, the way the father taunted the guy, and the way the (i assume) brother laughed at him and regarded his distress as some sort of comedy act sickens me. 

White. People.


Haha white ppl

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